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Regionally Coordinated Public Transportation Plan 2022-2026

The Panhandle Regional Planning Commission serves as the lead agency for regional transportation planning for Region 1.  Through the PROMPT Board, PRPC staff develop a 5 year plan for the coordination of public transportation services in the Panhandle Region.  The 2022-2026 Plan has been adopted and approved by the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission's Board of Directors.  Comments can be submitted in writing to aguerrero@theprpc.org.

Photo Credit:  City of Amarillo

Who we are

The Panhandle Regional Organization to Maximize Public Transportation (PROMPT) committee is an advisory committee administered by the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission (PRPC).  PROMPT has been involved in public transit planning in the Panhandle since 2006.  This region spans the top 26 counties in the Texas Panhandle and the 63 cities therein.  The mission of the PROMPT advisory group is to plan for equitable transportation access for all citizens of the region.  

The PROMPT committee  and PRPC staff are working through the next iteration of the Regionally Coordinated Transportation Plan.

What we do

PROMPT and PRPC Staff have developed three regionally coordinated transportation plans in 2006, 2011, and 2017.  PRPC Staff and PROMPT members are currently working on the next iteration of the regionally coordinated transportation plan.  As a result of these planning processes, PRPC Staff and PROMPT committee members have worked through countless grant program applications and have fostered projects to bring access to transportation for may people in the area.  

Specific projects include a Veteran's Transportation Summit which was held to get input from area veterans and veterans advocacy groups in order to better understand the needs of this population.  PRPC Staff have also developed a mobile phone app to track the City of Amarillo's buses and increase access to transit information for riders.  

Photo Credit:  City of Amarillo

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Contact Alex Guerrero at aguerrero@theprpc.org to get more information!


Contact Alex Guerrero at aguerrero@theprpc.org to get more information!