Rolling Plains Organization for Rural Transportation (RPORT)

RPORT was established in 2007 by the TxDOT District Office Childress by bringing together the County judges in each of the 13 aforementioned counties. It developed these bylaws in 2010 in response to TXDOT’s proposed 2010 TXDOT Planning and Project Development Rules’ inclusion of §15.2.21 defining a Rural Planning Organization as:

“A voluntary organization created and governed by local elected officials with responsibility for transportation decisions at the local level, including an organization established by a council of governments or regional planning commission designated by the Governor pursuant to Local Government Code, Chapter 391, to address rural transportation priorities and planning and provide recommendations to the department for areas of the state not included in the boundaries of a metropolitan planning organization.”

The purpose of the RPORT is to provide local officials from member counties and an opportunity to provide input into the fiscal decision making process of the Childress TXDOT District and the short-term and long-term regional planning processes as well as to provide input into other transportation related issues facing the communities of the Rolling Plains.

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